Boutiques in Santanyí

Santanyí is very charming and authentic Mallorcan village. Combine this with its serene atmosphere and chic places to stay, eat and shop, and you have the ingredients that give Santanyí…
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The heart of compassion

Cultivating compassion is an amazing and life affirming experience. When one is not aware if this true gem, the potential for which resides in us all, the opportunity to make…
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Excursion in Mondragó Natural Parc

Here in the southeast of the island, we are especially blessed with some of Mallorca’s most scenic beaches and little bays where you can still find spots of pure nature and magnificent beauty! One beautiful excursion…
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The art of being you

The art of being YOU

Do you feel like you have forgotten or you don’t know who you truly are? When we live without the inner connection to our truth and who we really are, we miss…
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Homemade chocolate

We are passionate about expressing love and gratitude in a healthy, authentic and deliciously sincere way. That’s why we wanted to share with you our favourite homemade chocolate recipe. What…
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At Cal Reiet… Tempus fugit!

Time flies when you enjoy what you are doing! We wonder if you have experienced at least once in your life time how time can fly by when you feel…
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