Poetic Stone Sculptures – A transformative power to awaken the wisdom inside of you

Did you know that stones have a soul ? And even a voice? That they hold a message for us to grow on every level?

Well, nor did I. Until in 2011 I gave up my career and went sailing for 6 months, to Greece. I took some soapstone with me, to have „something to do“. Here, sitting on the most beautiful beaches, working with hands and feet, I started experimenting with this material and suddenly found a new passion. Or rather the passion found me. A whole new world opened up to me and I came to understand life on a far deeper level and a much broader scale. Each stone held a message for me and I started to add them as poems to the sculptures. They build a bridge between the heart receiving the sculpture as a being and the mind that wants to understand it on a mental level.

Just as a sculpture had always been within the stone before it was liberated, in us humans, too, resides a beautiful radiant being with infinite possibilities. It just needs to be revealed. We reveal it by letting go of the veil that hides or blocks this inner beauty. This is a principle that most of us have forgotten, so we keep on adding things to our life, hoping to find the beauty of it. But the true essence of a magical life sits within us and is waiting to be liberated.

To add nothing, but change everything, that to me is alchemy. We are all alchemists, we are made for transformation. Our body transforms from illness to wellness and changes over the years. We are constantlyl creating something new within ourselves. Joy and peace arise automatically when we surrender to this natural flow of constant creation.

So what makes creating a sculpture different to other creative activities? Well, it is a dialogue, rather than a monologue. A stone has a structure, a form, a density, a colour. It has a personality with which we enter a relationship. When we hold a stone in our hands to start working, we have to accept its shape and take it from there. With a flat stone we won’t be able to make a sphere. Just like we won’t be able to change everything about our life. However, we can always choose to make the best out of it. Step by step, not always knowing what the final outcome will be.

Stone is the oldest material on earth holding the purest energy of the planet, beyond the karmic cycle of humanity. Its wisdom derives directly from the primordial source itself. When we get into a dialogue with a stone, we connect with this pure ancient wisdom on a deep level and it will show us whatever we need to know at that moment in time of our life.

From time to time, both stone and life love to challenge us. We might have finally figuered out how to shape it and so we work towards it, giving all we can. Until a piece breaks off. Or it simply falls apart by a hidden crack we couldn’t see. Sure, we are not pleased. So what to do about it ? Will we glue it and always know we did ? Or are we willing to accept the new situation and re-direct our path to a new outcome? One we didn’t even dream of ?

I have created many sculptures up to date. Yet I have never made a sculpture that didn’t turn out beautiful and mirrored perfectly what I needed to grow.

With love and passion,


Note: Silvia offers poetic sculpture workshops at Cal Reiet for you to awaken your inner alchemist and create your personal stone sculpture. Soapstone is easy to carve and suitable for beginners and advanced. Check the schedule: here

You can see more of Silvia’s work here: www.steinpoesie.ch