The art of being YOU

Do you feel like you have forgotten or you don’t know who you truly are? When we live without the inner connection to our truth and who we really are, we miss living in our full potential. Self-confidence comes from being in connection with yourself and this is pure trust in you. It needs awareness to our thoughts and mind to see it, to find the silence beyond the “noise” of the mind.

We tend to focus outside to get confirmation, love and approval from others. But when doing so we create a separation from within and may feel anxious because we “miss” something in life, like we need to get it from someone or something else.

Mastering our own life implies understanding and ability to handle our emotions and thoughts. The feelings can blind us from the present moment. It’s like a grain of sand in the eye, we can’t see, we can’t communicate, we can’t listen and at the end we don’t know what to do.

Take this grain of sand away by being aware in the situation in a healthy way, understanding from where your emotions and feelings come, without blaming others for them. You’re the only one that can decide how you react to each situation.

The key to understand our own human energy system is to unlock the loving power of our heart. Do you remember how much energy you had when you were in love?

Bring understanding, mental clarity and awareness assists living in more relaxed, loving and vibrant way. With self-confidence and clarity, you can make good choices. From head to heart, from heart to being, all we have longed for is already within us.

To live in connection with yourself is fundamental for everything in our life- relationships, successful business, being a parent, etc. We are meant to be happy in our true essence, so let’s find that.

Premleena Wettergran is running a retreat at Cal Reiet in which she shares her own experience of turning the awareness within. This changed her whole life more than 35 years ago. Since then, she has guided people into themselves to find truth, love and oneness. For her, this is to be whole in a healthy, holistic way. Turning the sight within, all illusions of “the self” were gone.

Can you imagine how it feels like when you live in a perfect flow with yourself? How fulfilling is that? What if you could live that way always?

Stop for few days, to come to reconnect with you, and the source of “being yourself” in a very loving space. To find who we really are, we first need to start seeing who we are not. The method of “Life wheel” is a tool that helps in seeing more clearly your everyday life, with love and energy again, to step out of your own way in order to start living Being You!

Premleena created one of Sweden’s most successful group processes at the end -90. Her passion and mission in life is to see people become themselves so they can live trusting themselves, happy and free.

You are all welcome to a very beautiful process and inner journey with yourself and others. Make your life, a love affair with yourself!


You can see the detailed program for Premleena’s retreat at Cal Reiet in May: here

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