Veronica Is a RYT 500h Hatha Yoga teacher, trained in Rishikesh, India, where she also attended classes with the well-known teacher Surinder Singh at his school by the Ganga River city, although her personal practice has been linked more to Asthanga Yoga, easily recognizable in her classes.
Her personal practice include Bhakti Yoga where her intuition and Inner Guru guide her though devotional chanting along with the harmonium.
Veronica is also a professional Sound Healing therapist and Master Gong certified by the International Academy of Sound Healing (IASH), India, feeling always amazed by the healing Power of Sound and Vibration.
Before Yoga became her dharma she trained Shaolin kung fu and other Chinese disciplines more than a decade. In this period she received the notion and practices of the Art of Qi Gong and Daoism philosophy, with a special personal attention to the hidden Taoism practices for women.
With a great body discipline and many experiences being a “forever student”, Verónica shared her gifts with an open heart through @yogandsound.