Petra mother of 3 grown up  children is official on the Yoga path since 2009 and has dedicated her life to conscious living since. Certified Yoga teacher since 2012 with 200h TT RYT at the Centered Yoga Thailand in classical yoga with Paul Dallaghan- 2013 & 2018 she completed the 200h TT RYT Pranayama program with Paul Dallaghan and Sri O P Tiwari at the Centered and advanced 200 TT with Michael Hamilton Airyoga Switzerland

“With the co-founding of “Yoga Elements” in Switzerland 2014 and Cal Reiet in 2015, it is my great concern to offer platforms for contemplative practices. So that visitors can experience and practice a way to become more centered, move towards health and the rewarding path for self realization. ” Petra teaches Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga with great passion and empathy what she has experienced