Train your brain with meditation

When we think about meditation, maybe one of the first images that comes to our mind is a man (possibly dressed up in an “indian style” dress) seated for hours…
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Balance your body, mind and emotions

The Chinese believed the way to longevity, sexual vitality, good health and happiness was to keep our ‘Chi’ (our vital life force energy) flowing and vibrant. As the matter of…
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Your body is the temple of your Soul

Food has always been, and always will be, one of our priorities as human beings. And it could not be different: food is the ‘fuel’ for our ‘engine’! Everyone of…
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Energy is everywhere

Believe it or not: energy is everywhere, it is what we are made of. Ancient masters, especially in the Eastern but also within the elder shamans, knew it well. And…
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Wish you were here

Today it is March 15th and in 5 days we will be opening for the new season here at Cal Reiet. We are all very excited about it! As you…
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Welcome to Cal Reiet Blog

Welcome to Cal Reiet’s blog! This is our new blog, with which we hope to connect and share with you different topics on holistic wellbeing and everyday life at Cal…
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