Cal Reiet DIMA courage

Of courage and becoming alive

Life can be so strange and unexpected. All of a sudden it presents us with a task that appears overwhelming, too big, a little unfair and altogether simply too much.…
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Cal Reiet DIMA openess


To be open is a wonderful state to meet life in. It is a state of “despite-ness”. It would be easy to say that being open means having no expectations, no…
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ceremony dima mallorca cal reiet


December just ended, another month of another year that holds ceremony at its heart. It is a contemplatory time, a time to go in and be with our loved ones.…
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Cal Reiet DIMA Silence Mallorca november


I would like to talk about silence. Not the silence that has no sounds, that requires utter absence of noise, but the silence that is there despite the noise, despite…
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