Kundalini Tantra

Friday, 23rd July from 08:30 to 09:45

Through Kundalini, we bring a more profound value to the symbols of life that reconnect our minds to our hearts and the hearts of all creatures. Through Tantra, we “weave” the physical world with the spiritual. Moving everything through breathwork and asana, we take action to break old patterns: our body offers every drop of sweat, conquers our dream, and destroys past chains that might stop us from manifesting and re-creating a new, stronger One. 

Through our sessions, we can mindfully move and adapt to each life’s event to appreciate our darkest moments, as there is more ahead of us. We are the keepers of wisdom, light beings; we invoke our teachers, masters, sages, avatars, bringing balance & light to all humankind with the practice. Everything we are looking for is within ourselves, everything we need is in the Earth, and the energies that hold this planet sustain our most beautiful reality.
His practice intends to find mental focus and self-trust, energizing the physical body through Kriya. This space is open to contemplate and honor your inner being, using Kundalini Tantric tools to dive deeply, always bringing the mind to the present moment.

Price: 20 €

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