Shamanic Extraction & Soul Retrieval with Johanna

This session can in its shortest version be described as a journey to wholeness. I will be accessing and connecting to non-ordinary states, or spirit realms for wisdom with the aim to heal and transform here in the physical realm. Working as a mediator between worlds I will extract old, stuck emotional energy blockages from your light body. This results in improving the overall natural energy flow of the body and will help you feel stronger, lighter, more balanced, and available for life. Once the extraction is complete and the energy field is cleared, I will journey to seek any lost soul part(s). The aim is to return portions of the soul that may have moved away from you through dissociation as a result of trauma, or any situation in which you were unprepared to feel the associated emotions (e.g. fear, anger, sadness, grief, disgust, jealousy, loneliness etc.). Following a session, many deeply rooted energies can shift, and the integration process can continue for days, weeks and months. Be sure to listen to and accept the energetic changes you may feel following a session. Any discomfort will pass and new, vibrant, life energy will take its place. A session can often be a catalyst for change.

Duration: 75 minutes | Price: 170 €
Duration: None | Price: 0 €

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