Food for thought
Ulrica Norberg and Henning Bensland

From 10/03/2024 to 14/03/2024

Ulrica Norberg and Henning Bensland have both experienced deep healing and have been adopting a more holistic, multidimensional approach and embracing the power of nurturing mental well-being through body, mind and spirit practices. They are here to share their rich knowledge and deep insight with you in what will be a truly inspirational 5 couple of days. Expect to use your body, breath, emotions, thoughts, sleep and nourishing foods as tools to start building yourself towards higher health and well-being.

Some topics that will be covered:
- The Power of Breath
- The build of Neuropathy (mind and body connection practice)
- Stress management through restorative practice
- Body conscious movement
- Mindfulness philosophy and psychology
- The healing philosophy of food, digestion and eating.
- Meditation practice
- Embracing interconnectedness through reflection and practice
- Solitude and communion.

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