Soul Scape Retreats
Nadia Damaso & Allie Michelle

From 19/03/2024 to 23/03/2024

Our "Soul Scape Retreat" is filled with creative exploration through intuitive cooking & eating, writing & poetry. Nourish your soul through daily breathwork classes, yoga, meditation, nature time and more.

Dive deeper into what makes you YOU.
Strengthening your creative side.
Finding more inner balance and harmony.
Learning to trust your intuition.
Finding a deeper sense to believe in yourself.
Experiencing connection with other like-minded humans.
Nourishing your body with healthy & fresh food.
Connecting with nature in a more meaningful way.

Start your day with yoga (yin & vinyasa) to connect more with your body.
..or get an early power workout in surrounded by the serenity of nature.
Enjoy daily meditation practices that will bring you peace and clarity.
Participate in powerful writing workshops that will break past any creative blocks and help you deepen your connection with your art.
Learn about cooking with passion and intuition, finding a deeper connection to food and how it can be healing for our overall health.
Join breathwork classes with us to experience the transformational and empowering power of breath.
Experience the magic of a sound healing session through therapeutic sounds that can induce relaxation, reduce stress and enhance overall harmony.
Learn how to trust your intuition, fostering a profound self-belief that unlocks inner wisdom and empowerment.
Dive deeper into the multidimensionality of your soul through a one on one energy reading.
Soak up the serene property of Cal Reit and explore community building with like minded souls.
Explore stunning Mallorca and enjoy the serene crystal blue waters as we spend time recharging on the beach and in nature.

Nadia Damaso is a 4 x bestselling cookbook author, public speaker, musician, nature lover and business woman. She emphasizes eating, feeling & living better and not less, urging people to embrace their unique paths. Her passion lies in fostering self-acceptance and strengthening the connection with one's inner voice & nature. In her books, speeches and podcasts, she shares about the transformative power of healthy, nourishing food and its impact on our overall health. Nadia encourages others to become artists of life, emphasizing self-love, trust and authenticity.

Allie Michelle is a 3 x bestselling author and viral spoken word artist who believes the best place to hide the truth is in fiction, and our stories are the fingerprint we leave on the world. She has performed as a poet all around the world, and is also certified in yoga, reiki, cranial sacral therapy, meditation and breathwork.

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