Serenity of the soul retreat
Rebecca Facey, Sabrina Bensland, Malee Bladh, Sanna Carlsson and Cecilia Jane

From 05/10/2024 to 11/10/2024

Immerse yourself in the transformative journey of the 'Serenity of the Soul Retreat.' Over 7 days, nurture your heart, soul, and emotional well-being. Led by the renowned Swedish healer, Rebecca Facey, and supported by a dedicated team of experts - Malee Bladh, Sabrina Bensland, Sanna Carlsson and Cecilia Jane - this retreat offers a sanctuary where ancient wisdom meets modern healing practices.

Centered on the transformative method of Emotional Release Activation (ERA), our program also includes Shamanic Rebirth, chakra meditation, medicine music, functional medicine, yoga, and more.

Held predominantly in a communal setting with options for private sessions, our retreat transcends a mere escape - it's a ceremonial journey back to the essence of your being.

Embrace this unique blend of modalities crafted to heal, clarify, and deepen your connection to your heart and soul.

Join us at the 'Serenity of the Soul Retreat' for an unforgettable voyage of emotional healing and self-discovery.

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