Shine Your Light
Gabriela Bozic & Barbra Noh

From 25/04/2021 to 30/04/2021

Come and study with Gabriela Bozic and Barbra Noh on the magical island of Mallorca. This retreat offers you a unique opportunity to practice with both of these exceptional teachers. Barbra and Gabriela share a great love for yoga as a tool for personal evolution. They believe that the physical practices of yoga offer a doorway to embodying timeless philosophy and wisdom.
Their teaching styles are complimentary and will provide you with intensity and inspiration. You will deepen your understanding and practice of intelligent alignment, mindful movement, fluid vinyasa and meditation. With their guidance you will polish your inner diamond to shine brightly with luster. More than ever the world needs you to shine your light, spread the light and share the gifts that only you have.

Gabriela's classes will be her signature blend of yoga philosophy, bhakti (music & chanting) and creative asana sequences as well as restoratives and pranayama. Barbra's Strength and Grace Yoga focuses on a safe and sustainable approach to yoga. Her classes will include: therapeutic alignment, core strength, pandiculation, fluid movement, pulsatation and functional transitions.

***in English***

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