Happiness 101
Ulrica Norberg

From 11/10/2024 to 16/10/2024

Over the course of the days together, we will embark on a journey through movement, alignment practice, meditation, breath work, unwinding and reflection as means to bring us further towards clarity in ourselves regarding happiness. This since it is something worth exploring for our own self-worth, health and individual growth. Happiness has a lot to do with contentment, or Santosha, as the yogic philosophy explained it as the key gateway to spiritual growth and individual happiness.

How does one get there? Is it even possible? What can be a path? Or methods to be praticed?
Contentment is a practice of balancing attention and surrender, having them equally present in every moment. In this retreat, we will set out on a journey towards individual contentment and I will share many tools with you, which we will explore and learn how to own on your own.

At Cal Reiet, you are offered to set out on a retreat. To re-treat from every day life. Take a pause. Breathe. Digest. Listen. Slow down. Be inspired. Nurtured. Cared for. Me and the management of this blissful place, invite you to do just that. Pause. Be. Release. And invest in yourself.

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