The natural state of being
Lama Tilmann Lhündrup

From 20/11/2022 to 25/11/2022

This retreat is focussed on meditation of the natural being, bodywork and reflections on social change.

The teachings will be given in the style of the Tibetan "Mahamudra" tradition, which is the rising in the natural being through a deep awareness of the intangible nature of all things. It is a deeply transformative meditation in the natural state of being. The heart-felt letting go which is necessary in this process becomes possible through insight and trust in the inherently already liberated nature of our mind.

Whether at rest or in motion, we always cultivate the awake, immediate experience of what is and take all sensory experiences as gateways into true, timeless being. Seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking, all forms of experience reveal themselves as the spontaneous play of changing phenomena. We practise recognising the true nature of experience in this play by looking again and again into the continuous change and the intangible nature of “what is”. In doing so, the flowing now reveals itself and we also discover the forces that shape this process. The path of awakening, of simply “being like this”, becomes more and more experiential.

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