Let’s celebrate life with being thankful and grateful

In this late summer yoga retreat, coming September 5th – September 9th 2018, Yoga Elements Zürichsee will focus on what “being grateful” can contribute to our lives.

In a spiritual context practicing “being grateful” is an emotion that is considered as a great achievement and it needs practicing, not only on happy days or when something good happens to you, but also on days in which we feel the world is working against us.

To feel gratitude for all that comes and for all that goes, would be one of the highest achievements and is key for happiness. In truly letting go, you practice gratitude. Joy arises; when we overcome with gratitude for all what we have or not have. It means that we not only find happiness when something good happens to us, but when others find happiness.

Celebrate life

In the beautiful Cal Reiet, we will not have a hard time celebrating life in its fullness and practicing gratitude. We want to give you the tools during the retreat days, so that these days will be effective for a long time and accompany you into everyday life.

The daily 4 hours of yoga, meditation, mantras and pranayama will align the body, the mind and the soul. Body, breath, feeling and thinking combine and strength, flexibility, stamina and coordination develop almost effortlessly. At the same time a clear mind, relaxation and a deep well-being arise.

The much-praised, all-vegetable diet at Cal Reiet has an important role in any retreat. It should not only be good and appealing to our senses, but it should support our body in the yoga exercises.

At your individual request, you can deepen the purifying retreat process with detox juices, morning oil pulling on an empty stomach and therapeutic body treatments. Between the classes there is enough time to explore the picturesque town of Santanyi on foot, make a bicycle excursion or to enjoy the sea on the versatile beaches in the area. And you are always welcome to stay at the large pool in the wonderful garden and let your mind wander.

This retreat is aimed at all yoga enthusiasts, but also those who have just become friends with yoga. We teach in pairs and we can look after you individually. We at Yoga Elements in cooperation with Cal Reiet have been successfully organizing yoga trips for four years. I am particularly looking forward to the evening conversations at the large table and the morning silent walks in the garden.

See you soon! Michaela, the Cal Reiet Team and I are looking forward to seeing you,
Petra Bensland

Retreat teachers

Petra Bensland, long-time certified Yoga Teacher. Her heart belongs to Ashtanga Yoga and meditation. Together with her two partners she founded Yoga Elements Zürichsee 2014 and in 2018 the Pop Up Yoga Studio Seefeld in Zurich. With her husband Henning Bensland she fulfilled her dream of owning a retreat: Cal Reiet, Mallorca is the place where people can meet and develop.

Petra and her husband live with their three almost grown-up children in Herrliberg, Zurich

Michaela Vucina: certified yoga teacher of many years, co-owner of Yoga Elements Zürichsee and practicing body therapist, lives with her family in Küsnacht, Zurich.

From their many-sided experience with the most different yoga directions and from their therapeutic intuition, the retreat participants can only benefit.

The morning and evening lessons are taught alternately by both teachers, so that one of the teachers can assist each. Please direct your inquiries concerning timetable and prices directly to contact@yoga-elements.ch or enquiries@calreiet.com. You can also directly sign up right here.

For more information visit our homepage: www.yoga-elements.ch.