Fire and Nectar Holistic Yoga Retreat at Cal Reiet

From the 24th until the 28th of October we’re hosting a wonderful retreat called ‘Fire & Nectar’.

Today we would like you to get to know both teachers  – Claudia and Nadine – a little bit better. 

Claudia Saraya Didar Kaur

Claudia inspires and accompanies her fellow human beings through her individual coaching, seminars (training and education for the development of potentials) and Kundalini yoga courses and retreats attentively and with loving devotion and passion for authentic being. Through her open, sunny way we learn that everything we’re ready to experience carries within itself a task whose solution lies in our SELF. Through Kundalini yoga and constellation work, Claudia opens a healing process and awakens the force of your heart and the connection to your higher self.

Her motto: “Live your dreams and be the change that you desire.”

If you would like to know more, you can find further information at: | Claudia Scheid

Nadine Sundri Narayan Kaur

Nadine touches people deep in their hearts. Her zest for life and her love is palpable for everyone. With her loving and heartfelt nature, she approaches people and helps them to find more and more to themselves. She shares her wealth of experience in individual coaching, workshops and holistic retreats all over the world. She specializes in Kundalini, Yin and Hatha Yoga and the installation and energy work. Coupled with her feminine intuition, she takes you on a journey to your heart and to the deeper layers of yourself to release held energies and make healing happen. Deep feelings lead you home to yourself, to the source of all being.

Her guiding principle: I want to make myself happy.

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