Petra Bensland’s morning gratitude practice and how to implement it into daily life

Mindfulness morning exercise in bed

Control your mood and give your day an orientation! 

Get into the mood for having a good day early in the morning. Follow your breath carefully after waking up. Thank your body, mind and soul for gifting you with a new day and all the endless possibilities it can bring.

Thank the important people (alive or already deceased) who made you who you are. (These are not just positive feelings that arise, but difficult situations in your life are sometimes the best teachers). Breathe in this feeling of gratitude and take this attitude with you into your new day. Observe yourself as you encounter with fellow human beings during your day. Take a look at how do you react when, for example, someone doesn’t follow correct traffic rules? Can you linger in your basic attitude of gratitude or are you immediately angry if something does not go as you would like it to? Pay attention to your feelings, moods, thoughts and allow yourself to pause, breathe and then remember your orientation.

Immediately tune yourself back into the gratitude you’ve chosen this morning. If you observe that you’re losing yourself in negative thoughts, judging others, etc., take a deep, calm breath and try to go back to your centre.

Take it easy, do not judge yourself if you are not able to thank all people with gratitude for every situation life throws at you. Like your regular breath; you can always start over again.

Your consciousness will register each of the small success experiences of the mindfulness exercises in everyday life. This will continuously expand and stabilize your brain’s neural mindfulness network.

To stop and pause every now and then in everyday life; following the breath consciously, trains mindful awareness of gratitude, a helpful antidote to feelings such as fear, anger, grief, worry or shame.

Have fun!