‘Dos Alquemistas’ and the natural products we sell at Cal Reiet

Some say Kate and Katja have green blood. The two Alchemists behind 2A are practically rooted with nature and believe wholeheartedly in the power of plants and the protection of the environment as well as of those, living with it. This is why we track our success on the impact we have on your life and on our support of the Majorcan community.

Upcycling olive leaves into unique teas and powders came almost naturally. The olive leaf, an unsung hero of Mallorca’s tradition, is the soul of 2A’s range of organic products, from the fruity and scented blends, to the unique Olive Latte and Olive Dust that these two nature mixologists feel proud to have formulated.

At Mallorca’s West Coast, on the fertile soil of Finca Son Moragues, an organic olive grove in the Tramuntana mountains, grow olive trees – some almost 1000 years old. We start our hand-harvested process here, stripping each individual branch and then infusing the leaves with organic, local herbs and spices further enhanced by locally distilled essential oils by Juan Canaves from Mallorcan wild plants. What once was wastage is revived to what it was a long time ago: a dandy, mediterranean Powerfood that will tempt your tastebuds.