Meet the team at Cal Reiet: Anna

Meet the team at Cal Reiet: Anna

Cal Reiet is more than a hotel. It’s more than a holistic retreat escape. It’s a family. And everyone involved in this beautiful project is unique. We believe in the power of people, in the power of doing good things for others and in the power of healing as a group, because empathy is what’s most important to build up. So now we have decided to introduce the Cal Reiet team members individually for you to get to know them better, to understand their background and to discover why they are working with us at Cal Reiet. Here goes our ‘meet the team’ article!

Meet the taem at Cal Reiet: this is Anna

A few years ago when someone asked me about my profession and said: ‚I’m a cook“ their face turned into a smile and told me how much they love to cook at home as well. Then asked me again: „But what do you do for living?“ After making clear that I cook in a restaurant at least 12 hours a day they slapped themselves on the forehead: „OK, you are a chef then!“

Since then I’ve learned the lesson.

I’m a chef – in every meaning of the word. This is my job. My life. I go to bed and wake up thinking about new recipes to try.
This is my profession as well as my hobby. And even though it’s beautiful never „having to work“ sometimes I still wish I could enjoy anything else this much.

Nevertheless being a chef is not an easy job. There are many tense moments, crazy services. Sitting at a table while eating is something we’ve never heard about and after having a shower we still tend to smell like food. Despite everything it’s one of the most wonderful things.

And working in Cal Reiet makes it even more beautiful. High-quality organic ingredients, wonderful colleagues, amazing clients. Receiving all that love from our guests makes shine even the most cloudy days.
It makes me feel grateful as well. For moments to laugh with the team, having the nicest head chef ever and walking through our beautiful garden every evening with the fully packed „carrito“.