Meet the team at Cal Reiet: Margalida Melià

It wouldn’t be an option to end this season without introducing you all to a truly important person at Cal Reiet: Margalida Melià!

This cordial young woman joined our team in April 2021, taking over the position as our resident manager with the greatest of anticipation.

Margalida is a graduated economist, specialised in the “European Business Program” by the Europäische Fachhochschule and Balearic Islands University. Having also a master in accounting and auditing, she brings a clear analytical approach to business and the pursuit of stable finances to the table.

After two years of travelling between UK, Germany and Mallorca combining different jobs in order to gain versatility, Margalida settled in Palma de Mallorca for the opening of the wonderful “Hotel Sant Francesc” where she successfully developed its first 3 years of activity. After this period she ventured the leap to the financial management of the “Fera” Restaurant in pursuit of the Michelin star.

“Starting to work at Cal Reiet was really a dream and honour for me, because in addition to a beautiful place full of magic, I was offered the opportunity to work in the hotel world again which I’m very passionate about! And what is even more important – it’s wonderful to be able to work in a place with a holistic purpose.”

Everyone can feel Margalida’s optimistic approach towards life in Cal Reiet, where she always tries to create a good working atmosphere among colleagues. Honesty, sincerity and respect are important values for her – not only within the team, but also in regard to our hotel guests, giving them all the help she can – because for her service always comes first!

Margalida is deeply rooted on the island – originally from Porreres, she has Majorcan ancestors reaching back to all generations that can be remembered, thus she is a lover of the culture, history and traditions of her land. Coming from a family of peasants and blacksmiths, Margalida has always worked very hard to achieve her goals.

On a personal level, she is an inveterate traveller – she crosses oceans at least once a year and seizes any opportunity to travel whenever her time allows it. She contemplates every corner of the world as a book for her to open and dive deep into different cultures, living the experiences 100%. Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico and challenging tours through Thailand in search of hidden temples are just two examples of her adventurous spirit.

Right now she is eager to keep giving her best in this new professional adventure and we are more than convinced she will do.