Meet the team at Cal Reiet – Philippe

Cal Reiet is more than a hotel. It’s more than a holistic retreat escape. It’s a family. And everyone involved in this beautiful project is unique. We believe in the power of people, in the power of doing good things for others and in the power of healing as a group, because empathy is what’s most important to build up. So now we have decided to introduce the Cal Reiet team members individually for you to get to know them better, to understand their background and to discover why they are working with us at Cal Reiet. Here goes our ‘meet the team’ article!

Meet the team: Philippe

My name is Philippe and I can’t really tell you in one word what actually is my nationality. I was born in Mallorca, but my parents are German with afro-american roots from my dad’s side. Until I was 11 years old I lived in Germany, so now it’s exactly 22 years I live in Mallorca. Easy to count I am 33! I like the number arrangement here 😉 Any way my usual answer to that question is: My passport says I am German but my heart is Spanish.

Sometimes it might be confusing but I love the fact of being so international and speaking many languages. It gives me better understanding of other people and their cultures. And I am happy to have the possibility of interacting, working and meeting people from all different countries at Cal Reiet. Were I am working as a part of the F&B team.

I have always loved to be surrounded by nature. I can definitely say that I can’t imagine my life without the sea and waves. So that is also why surfing is my biggest passion. Surfing teaches me how powerful nature can be. And that we should appreciate a lot the beauty of it. I am very curious about life and I like to experience all the beautiful things life can offer us.

My mother was the one who introduced me to the world of spirituality. Because of her work as a spiritual healer, the holistic approach to life has always been known to me. However, I believe that everybody is unique and should search for his own way of living and understanding. I am still in a process of learning and discovering what else is out there possible for me. It is always great to hear opinions or thoughts of wise people, there is so much to learn from them. And for me life is a wonderful process of evolving and learning.

I have worked in the gastronomy industry for over 15 years, including four years of having my own Spanish tapas bar “La Avenida” in Cala d’Or. In 2017 I decided to have a break and try something new, so I worked on a private 70m yacht as a deck hand. Travelling around the Mediterranean sea, doing lots of water sports, diving and working with an international team was a great experience for me. Nevertheless, after a while I realized I missed the land too much so I decided to come back to Mallorca.

I heard about Cal Reiet from a friend and I thought that this could be the great opportunity to combine my experience in the hospitality industry with my new approach to life. I could say it was a coincidence, but now I know that everything happens for a reason.

And here I am enjoying my new job, although it is a hard work sometimes, at the end it is definitely worth the effort. And the biggest reward is the appreciation and smile from our happy guests.

I am already very excited about all the challenges the future holds for me. But I won’t forget to enjoy the way because that’s where magic happens, so it would be a shame to miss it!

And this is my wish to all Cal Reiet guests:

Enjoy the beauty of the moment and mostly enjoy the way and the process of discovering the beauty of life!