Meet the team at Cal Reiet: this is Martin.

Cal Reiet is more than a hotel. It’s more than a holistic retreat escape. It’s a family. And everyone involved in this beautiful project is unique. We believe in the power of people, in the power of doing good things for others and in the power of healing as a group, because empathy is what’s most important to build up. So now we have decided to introduce the Cal Reiet team members individually for you to get to know them better, to understand their background and to discover why they are working with us at Cal Reiet. Here goes our ‘meet the team’ article!

Meet the team: Martin

My name is Martin. I work as a body physiotherapist, with more than 20 years dedicated to personal spiritual development. Work with the word, yoga, meditation, massage, reflexology, energy healing and other harmonization techniques. I have trained in Argentina, India, Costa Rica, Peru, United States and other places.

After having gone through my own existential crisis, I decided to share much of what I experienced, with other people, in order to facilitate their processes of change or crisis
My mission is to help people on their path of growth, transformation and liberation from suffering, just as other people have helped me and continue to help me in mine.

I think that the situations of pain, both in the physical body and in the mental or emotional, is information that allows us to increase our level of consciousness and thus achieve greater harmony and contact with our essence and thus experience peace, love and fulfillment in our lives

Cal Reiet is a wonderful place for me. of great beauty, where we can find beautiful people, very capable and with a good heart. In this place we can enhance and facilitate these transformation processes, being a privilege to be part of this family and this team.