Healthy Lifestyle Strategies- Bio-individuality

Life is magic, our bodies are magical machines designed for high performance and strong endurance, as long as we take care of them. I have been in the investigation of bio-individuality for several years now and I enjoy the inquiry, we all have all the same parts, but yet we are individual in how those parts function, some do better than others, some parts get stronger and some weaker, longevity and the role it plays within our life dynamics, the environment, what we ingest, so many factors take into play when we delve into our relationship to self.

Embracing the inquiry to self-actualization, self-awareness, self-love as a means of understanding and supporting our bodies. Always connecting through the mind, body spirit relationships, fine-tuning and adjusting as new awareness step in each and every day. As we step deeper into being “aware” begin to ask the questions, “What really feeds us?” Do we receive nutrition from only what we ingest, or do we get feed from other elements of our lives, our relationships, our careers, our home life, do we take time to really step into being the divine creative beings we all are, do we support exploring ourselves, understanding what really fills us beyond the plate. What is our relationship to the food we eat, how are the decisions of what we choose impacted by how we feel, what role do our emotions play in what food choices we make, when we reach for comfort, is food the first item we grab for to feel comfortable? Feeling comfortable is what we all want, but how we go about obtaining that comfort is where the real understandings live.

If there was one diet for all people, we would all prescribe to it, obviously that is not the case, through whatever the circumstances may be, we all function differently and within that understanding we begin to realise what works better and what works not so well for our bodies.

I have heard and do agree with that our bodies are designed to heal themselves and also designed to be incredibly durable machines as long as we keep the furnace burning strong and consistently, this furnace is our gut. When the gut is functioning properly then all the systems within our bodies are functioning properly, the gut fuels the fire, it provides the healthy platform for vibrant flora and bacteria, which is essential for proper digestion. When we digest properly everything that we are ingesting gets assimilated properly throughout the body, all the vital nutrients get distributed into the immune system. The immune system is our defense against disease, we need a solid immune system to function properly, we can eat all the organics we want, but if its not being assimilated properly all those vital nutrients are lost.

Longevity is a big investigation for me, since I have really stepped into being in my 60’s, I love the expression those who where the by product of the 60’ are now in our 60’s, there is a lot of personal interest pertaining to the topic of longevity. We are living longer and living in a more vibrant way than previous generations, exciting times and also challenging times for so many reasons. Many of us are challenged by the reality of living longer and realising that much of western medicine does not lend itself to healthy aging, but certainly lends itself to the symptoms of aging without really delving into the core issues. So many new alternative therapies are coming of age, and as we age we realise that it is essential to take an active role in our own healthcare designs.

Strategy #3 we will step into investigating some of these alternative therapies, fact or fiction.

Till then Peace to all, Light to all, Love to all,

Shivanter Singh


Shivanter is an Integrative Nutrition health counsellor with 35+ years of experience in holistic healing.
A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes. Instead of prescribing one diet or way of exercising, Health Coaches tailor individualised wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs.

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