Healthy recipes by Cal Reiet: raw and vegan chocolate cheesecake

Looking for a sweet and healthy recipe to try at home? Our raw and vegan chocolate cheesecake is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Discover this delicious dessert at Cal Reiet’s Table or prepare it at home with our healthy recipe of the month.


– 600 gr soaked cashews
– 250 gr coconut cream
– 2 gr of salt
– 55 gr of virgin coconut oil
– 200 gr rice syrup
– 200 gr dark pure chocolate pearls (70%) 

To cover the cake:
– 1 cup of red fruits jelly 
– 1/4 cup of  fresh red fruits: all kind of berries
– Fresh mint leaves

– 200 gr mix of raw nuts (almonds – Pecan – hazelnuts – Macadamia – etc)
– 150 gr of Medjool dates (seedless) 
– 50 gr of dates chunks dried
– 10 gr vanilla extract
– Salt
– 15 gr carob flour


First make the base. In a blender, blend all the ingredients. Fill the mold with the mixture and press it on a cake base. Rest in the chiller.
For the filling, blend in the Thermomix all the ingredients except the chocolate, at 70 degrees. Process till very smooth texture.
Aside of it, melt the chocolate in a bowl. Then add to the filling in the Thermomix and continue blending till reach a homogenize texture.
Pour the filling into the cake mold on the nuts base. Rest in the chiller overnight until all set properly. Optional; Agar agar to help the filling to set. To finalize, and when the cake is cold and set properly, cover with the jelly, fresh red fruits and mint leaves.