Why go plant based!

As you know, we’re all about finding a more conscious and healthier lifestyle. At Cal Reiet we care about your authentic wellbeing and each one of our team members helps us on the path of taking good care of you. Today we’d like to share a very special post written by our lovely Theresa when she made a delicious plant based cheese platter to amaze our guests.

Why go plant based

Did you grow up believing that strong bone health stems from drinking milk and eating cheese? šŸ§€ We were taught this in school and considered milk and cheese to be healthy options in our diets.

Today, however, there is countless research showing that we need to consider alternatives to milk, eggs and cheese, if we want to live a healthy life! This is one of the many reasons to go plant based.

Consider this:
The majority of humans naturally stop producing significant amounts of lactase – the enzyme needed to properly metabolize lactose, the sugar in milk, between the ages of two and five!

And 75% of the worldā€™s population is intolerant or allergic to lactose with many many people ignoring the digestive discomfort and accepting loose stool and/or constipation as a way of life.

So you see, our bodies are not meant to or designed to consume dairy, really!

“But I could not live without cheese!”, I hear you say! Well, good news is, you donā€™t have to!

All the plant based cheeses at Cal Reiet are cultured (fermented) for diverse times according to the type of cheese, and combined with different ingredients to produce really authentic final product!

Remember that you can try our delicious plant based cheese and other fantastic dishes at Cal Reiet’s Table, the plant based restaurants inside Cal Reiet open for hotel and retreat guests and external visitors.