Boldness – DIMA Mallorca – Cal Reiet

This is an invitation. To be bold. To be yourself, unapologetically. Why waste time playing small? There is too much at stake, wouldn’t you say? Your aliveness is at stake, to be precise. In fact, I would go as far as to state our aliveness, as a humanity is at stake. It all starts with you and I and ends with you and I. Whomever that you or that I may be, all together we are the sum of our humanity, and it seems to me that we, as a collective, could do with some more unapologetically alive, radiant and authentic beings.

The good news is that we all are THAT, at our core. Alive, radiant and authentic. We have just forgotten ourselves in the process of being well-adjusted parts of and to our society. Which is natural and most probably was necessary at some point in time. But when I look around today, I see a society that is secretly hungry for true individuality and freedom of that expression. And I dare to believe that we as a species are more ready than ever before to live such vividness and versatility, to embrace the entire broadband of our expression and thrive because of it, rather than fearing or judging our differences and our realness.

Sure, this might take some time of adjustment and no doubt, this takes immense courage.

We have lived centuries of appreciating “the norm”, of honing safety and security above all, of longing for a rowhouse with a white picket fence, of being trimmed for prim and properness. Cooperate success, marriage and a sizeable pension was the desired end goal. Yes, we have been loosening the grip on this picture perfect in the last decade or two, but our conditionings run deep and being bold is still frowned upon by our fearful super egos.

Not just are we afraid, on some level, that we will be an outcast to our contemporaries when we let ourselves shine in full glory, but deep down we fear what will happen to our structure. Who are we when we let go of who we have known ourselves to be?

It is an out-of-control place to be bold. It may question our entire identity. Being bold is turning your insides out. You might be bigger, or softer. You might be way more fragile and sensitive then you have always portrayed yourself as. You might be sensual and flamboyant, vulnerable, creative, strong as a lion or simple. You might be raging with aliveness or humbled by fear. You might be so many more things than you allow yourself to be and so many less things than you make yourself out to be. This is an invitation. To be you, unapologetically.

Enough with the holding back and the pretending to be insignificant. Enough with putting a lid on your truth and your feelings. The reality is, we are in a crisis. As a collective, and therefor as individuals, an inherent part of that collective. We are challenged to become real. To show up for ourselves and each other. To be both passionately truthful and fiercely compassionate. It is time to step into our power as an individual human being, so we can muster the capacity to embrace our entire, controversial and paradoxical humanity with uncompromising loving kindness.

It is a new year and Spring is around the corner. Nature will not hold back in giving it it’s all. Of pouring its heart and soul into life. Why are we holding back? Aren’t we part of that nature? Of that organism of perfection, where every cloud, bush and bacteria has its innate purpose in contributing to the health and harmony of every living thing that is part of this meticulous eco system. Don’t you feel, on the deepest level of your being, that, on some level, the entire existence would benefit from you being your alive, radiant and authentic self?
Well, I have no doubt in my mind that this is the case. So, I beg you please, from the depth of my human heart, for your personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of our shared ecosystem, be BOLD!

With Love and Hope,
Kanika Frings
Co-Founder of DIMA Mallorca, Mystery School, Mallorca
Holistic Counselor and Enneagram to Essence practitioner