Connecting with the natural warmth of our heart

Natural warmth is our shared capacity to love, to have empathy, to have a sense of humor. It is our capacity to feel gratitude and appreciation and tenderness. It’s what are often called the heart qualities, qualities that are a natural part of being human.

Our natural warmth has the power to heal all relationships—our relationship with ourselves as well as our relationships with other people and with all that we encounter every day in our lives. This complete healing, we can also call it awakening. Awakening to who we really are, our true self. Healing is not a process of becoming someone else who “feels better” but rather a process of unveiling the awakened potential that is inherent in us.

It takes courage to be the one we are in the depth of our being. Discovering our inner warmth can be the value of our personal suffering, the silver lining of the very dark clouds we’re experiencing. Our true self is not found in the emotions or our life story which is more an expression of our confused being. True being is what reveals itself more and more as mind relaxes and becomes fearless, recognizing that life is a process, is a free flow and not experiences of clinging following one after the other. The natural warmth that emerges when we experience our suffering includes all the immeasurable heart qualities: love, compassion, joy, equanimity and also gratitude, tenderness and many more. It also includes loneliness, sorrow, and the shakiness of fear and losing ground. And the practice is to train in not trying to escape from what is uncomfortable when it arises, so that with time one can embrace it.

To heal, to awaken I have to become my own friend. Healing begins with openness and compassion, accepting and loving oneself completely. And then extending that to others.

Learn how to expand your heart qualities and to open yourself up to spiritual healing, both for yourself and others.

Kanika M. Frings
Co-Founder at DIMA, Mystery School, Mallorca, ES