“Inner Engineering A Yogi`s guide to Joy” by Sadhguru

At Cal Reiet we love reading books. And if you are wondering what exactly do we read, then here you have the chance to get a feeling of it- “INNER ENGINEERING – A YOGI’S GUIDE TO JOY” by Sadhguru- a fascinating read of Sadhguru’s insights and teachings. In our opinion, this is a loving invitation to live our best lives- a path to achieving well-being from a living master.

In this book he provides tools and solutions to empower yourself to create your life the way you want it. It gives you the opportunity to intellectually explore the basics of life using methods from the distilled essence of yogic sciences. He imparts practical wisdom to manage your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within.

The practice of Hatha Yoga, as we commonly know it, is just one of the eight branches of the body knowledge that is Yoga. He shows that Yoga is a sophisticated system of self-empowerment and it’s capable of activating inner energies in such a way that body and mind function better.

Sadhguru tells the story of his own awakening. From a boy with an unusual affinity for the natural world, he relates the moment of his enlightenment on a mountaintop in southern India, where time stood still and he emerged radically changed. Today, as the founder of JSHA, he inspires millions and opens the door for many seekers.

The term “guru” means “dispeller of darkness, someone who opens the door for you”, according to Sadhguru notes. “As a guru, I have no doctrine to teach, no philosophy to impart, no belief to propagate. And that is because the only solution for all the ills that plague humanity is self-transformation. Self-transformation is achieved not by morals or ethics or behavioral changes, but by experiencing the limitless nature of who we are. Knowing this is yoga!”

The wisdom synthesised in this accessible and engaging book offers readers time-tested tools for self-transformation.

“Whatever kind of spiritual practice you do, ultimately you are just working toward making yourself available to grace.” (SADHGURU)