Meet the Cal Reiet Team: Valentina Crea

Cal Reiet is more than a hotel. It’s more than a holistic retreat escape. It’s a family. And everyone involved in this beautiful project is unique. We believe in the power of people, in the power of doing good things for others and in the power of healing as a group, because empathy is what’s most important to build up. So now we have decided to introduce the Cal Reiet team members individually for you to get to know them better, to understand their background and to discover why they are working with us at Cal Reiet. Here goes our ‘meet the team’ article!

Meet the Cal Reiet Team: this is Valentina

Hi, mi name is Valentina, I was born into a wonderful Italian family and I simply love to cook!

After a scientific training in Milan, I decided to immerse myself in a series of work experiences that changed my career and my life. I started with spending a period on a farm in Tuscany to understand, in first person, where the food comes from and the work it requires. I attended pastry courses and practiced in several bakeries in Milan.

In 2013 I came to Mallorca for the first time, I started my career in hospitality and I fell in love with the island.  After spending some years in Madrid and 4 months in Copenhagen, in 2017, I returned to my first love and arrived at Cal Reiet’s kitchen.

My life is based on loving, sharing and taking care of others, and myself, with high attention to details and above all, a homemade, tasty and healthy food. I believe that people represent the essence of life, in fact, cooking with friends and family and sharing around a table is, without a doubt, what makes me happiest. Several months ago I began to become interested in meditation and the Zen method. I am studying to apply it in my life and in my work living the ‘here’ and ‘now’ and trying to do everything with passion and conscience.

I am very happy and grateful for the life I have and I try to enjoy my present at Cal Reiet, a unique hotel where I have the opportunity to grow as a person and as a cook.

I welcome you at breakfast and will be happy to meet you and share a piece of life under the lovely sun of Mallorca.