Silence… Santanyí

The power of the silence, the power of the breeze, winds whispering in my ears. I listen to the sea… Daydreaming about places I have never been… places deep within my soul.

I see more clearly, I feel more deeply… I feel so alive
I sit, I write, I draw, I think, I breathe, therefore I am… I am one with myself, I am one with the sea, I am one with the breeze… I am… I am at peace.

I close my eyes witnessing my thoughts come in and out; I try not to be attached… With my eyes closed shut, I see everything. With my heart wide open I feel everything… With my thoughts I am one with all.

Santanyí… how you inspire me, how you nurture me, how you allow me to discover me… silence transcends the pain, silence transcends the fear, silence brings me hope, silence brings me to me…
I welcome you, I am open to you…
Santanyí you are the warm healing arms I crave for, you hold me so that I can discover who I am….
Santanyí you remind me that everything is perfect just the way it is in this moment, no distractions…
Clear the path
Santanyí… clear me so I can heal, so that I can soar, so that I can thrive…
Santanyí remind me of who I am.
Santanyí show me that I am worthy, I am whole, I am I am.

Come during the months of silence, the time when the island is the most quiet… we open our doors, our arms and our hearts to you beginning March 2018 and remain open till December 2018… relish the moments of silence, breath in the peace that surrounds you… breathe into your creativity… Write the poem you have always carried with you in your heart, draw the picture you have always seen but never thought you could… close your eyes and imagine your world in an entirely new way… experience the silence of Santanyí… step into the arms of Cal Reiet.