Synchronicity, what a word for something so hard to capture, so difficult to explain or even describe.

Carl Jung is the swiss Psychiatrist who coined the term `synchronicity` as he was searching to find a word to describe what he called a “meaningful coincidence“, events that seems to have no casual relationship, but are deeply related by meaning.

We have all experienced synchronicity although we may use other words to describe this experience. For example, when you are thinking of a loved one and in that moment, he or she calls you or shows up at your door.

Or, a personal experience; one morning I woke up form a dream in which a dragonfly was so present that I remembered the next morning and began looking up it´s meaning. I learnt that it is often associated with the symbolic meaning of transformation and change, as well as in some cultures for adaptability, joy and lightness. This fit beautifully to my personal situation and I remember being so grateful for remembering the dream and looking up the the Dragonflies meaning. I went about my day and forgot all about the dream and the animal.

In the afternoon I was driving on a dirt road with a friend to run some errands when I saw, not one, but two dragon flies flying towards me. I had never seen dragonflies on this island before.

I was so surprised, so happily excited and was certain that this is not a coincidence. To my friend on the other hand, it was simply two dragonflies and he didn´t understand much of my excitement until I told him about my dream. Still, for him it was and will always be a coincidence while I can now say for certain, that it was synchronicity in it´s most beautiful form.

Thinking about how many things had to fall into place in order for me to see these two dragonflies, on that dirt road, on that day, at that exact time, makes me feel so lucky to not have missed the moment. To let myself be carried away by the magic of this juncture that felt like a beautifully presented gift, just for me.

There might be a moment of surprise or even wonder at this little “miracle” while at the same time there is a deep knowing, that it makes perfect sense and does not require an explanation or an understanding the rational mind will accept. This is actually precisely the moment, it can no longer follow and this is a good thing!

It´s a tiny glimpse into a space to be explored, into something that appears to have a different rhythm and timing, something that is so easy to miss on a hectic day and so uplifting and pleasant when received.

For many of us here on this beautiful island, another season is beginning and the rhythm changes towards a more hectic one. In these days in which I often rush about, trying to get everything done at once, eager not forget anything, finding it difficult to concentrate on one task with out already thinking of the next, I seldom think of synchronicity.

And then something a little magical happens and I take the time to breathe and be grateful for how beautifully and smoothly a task worked out, I often realise, how much synchronicity was involved and how I simply missed the magic by not paying attention.

Of course you can always argue that events are coincidences and at the end of the day, I believe it is a choice, a decision, to take towards either allowing a little mystery into your life or sticking with what can be explained and understood from a rational point of view. I like to think of Synchronicity as a sweet reminder, to slow down, to stay attentive and aware and to not take anything too seriously for if I do,  I will miss out on all the magic.

So if you feel to, each time you hear yourself saying, „Oh, what a coincidence!“ you may want to check again and might just find yourself to be a little enchanted and in a state of awe at the many little wonders of this world we live in.




Our guest author Charu Hermsdorf is a friend of Cal Reiets and the co-founder of DIMA Mallorca, Centre for Conscious Living.