Simona Siclari



Simona is a passionate student and lover of life and a modern mystic.

She is a renowned international facilitator in the Ancient Healing Arts for modern times and a Holistic Transformational Coach, uniting all aspects of your wellbeing: your body, your heart, your mind, your Spirit and your creative life force energy.

She will offer and invite you into a space of Presence, Surrender, Silence and Listening, where the answers to your deepest questions, longings, and needs will awaken from within you. She will invite you to take full responsibility of your life and to awaken your Inner Master, taking your power back and softening your intimate self.

After her personal and professional success in Asia, Simona is now in Mallorca devoted to share the lessons she has existentially and experientially learnt during her adventurous Journey to the rediscover the true and simple meaning of Life on the Way to Liberation and Self-Actualization.

She is an InnerDance Facilitator since 2017.