He certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher in Argentina in 1997 and had been giving classes since that moment. Using the body practice to go beyond body, emotions and thoughts and connect with your essence, the spirit and become one with all and fulfill. Totally dedicated the last 15 years to Body and Mind Healing, integrating all his techniques for Soul development, observing what happens in life as a way of learning who we really are and return to the essence
Trained in Meditation in Osho Ashram Pune India in 1997, 2001 and 2008, in Tantra in Pachamama Costa Rica in 2007. Shamanic retreat in Urubamba Peru in 1996. Self-development retreat with Dr. Warter in Florida USA in 1998, Meditation retreat in Atacama Chile in 1999.  Seminars with Deepak Chopra in Buenos Aires and Dalai Lama conferences in several visits in Argentina