At Cal Reiet… Tempus fugit!

Time flies when you enjoy what you are doing!
We wonder if you have experienced at least once in your life time how time can fly by when you feel good, and when you are going with the flow. That’s the same feeling we are experiencing here at Cal Reiet! It’s unbelievable that one year has already past since we opened Cal Reiet to the public.

On September 17th we invited many of you to come by and visit us to have a taste of what we do and of who we are.
We started our 1st birthday celebration day with an Ashtanga Yoga class given by Johanna Lundström. It has been a great way to align body and mind to your true self and the relationship with your sacred temple: your body.

The talented Silvia Felix held her Poetic Sculpture workshop twice during the day – our guests were able get in touch with themselves deeply through the modelling of the stones they chose to work on. Silvia returned to Cal Reiet from October 8th till 13th with her ‘Create your happiness’ Poetic Stone Art workshop in which you could relax and release with soapstone, poetry and Yoga.

Our therapist Katharina was giving her Kinesiology treatments.
And Melysa Angelone offered Chakra balancing treatments and her Californian massages for our visitors.

Susanne Garaty captured the attention of our guests with her healthy tips and show cooking workshop: what a nice experience and what wise tips for your health and wellbeing! She is not only a great chef and nutritionist, she is also a wonderful teacher.

Talking about food… We offered a delicious brunch for our guests: as usual vegetarian (as you know our cuisine is only vegetarian/vegan) prepared by our resident chef Diego Miranda with the help of Rafel Mulet (that you have already known on this interview published on our press section), Ralf and Maria. For dinner the team prepared a selection of beautifully presented starters and two different vegetarian Paellas.
During and after dinner our guests enjoyed the chill out sounds of “Javier Esteve Band”.

Nathanial, our Thai Chi and Ta Nui operator, taught a Thai Chi Chi Kung classes during the day inspiring people to listen to their bodies and to connect with the energy all around. In the meanwhile Kristine, our medical personal trainer, offered custom counselling, how to train the body.

Sean Kranti Herron is our Trasformational Breath® expert (you can read his post on our blog HERE). He usually gives classes at Cal Reiet Sundays and Thursdays helping people to discover again how to really breath. During the day people also discovered his true passion: golf! Yes, he is also a golf coach who has helped many golfers to find their true swing.

Throughout the whole day you were able to listen to Caroline Shafyia Yao chanting mantras. She came back to Cal Reiet on October 8th for a very special “Sound Night” together with her friend Anna Fábos. They sang and played healing music and sounds all night long while the participants could sleep, meditate and relax in our shala.

We would like to thank some friends of us that helped us to organise this special day, and whom we have a close relationship with Cal Reiet: Petra Westerlund with her creations (SantaNi – Swedish handmade clothes for yoga lovers made from organic cotton) and Rachel Sundström (with her powerful handmade Malas from Malatopia).

Gaia’s beauty products have been introduced by our therapist Sabine Fahrenkrug (one of our massage therapists): these products are amazing, completely naturals and organic. When you try, it is like a touch of nature on your skin.

In the afternoon we had the pleasure and the honor to host Vasumati Sharon Hancock for a Regeneration & Mindfulness workshop that took place in our yoga shala: she guided us through meditation to empty our mind and reconnect with our soul.

Just before the dinner Daphne Tse gave her Soul Songs concert singing her powerful and healing Hawaian mantras. Her voice is so deeply transforming that only listening to it the healing process starts and you can easily and strongly perceive it. It was an honour to have her with us.

After the concert, Henning held a nice and touching speech explaining how Cal Reiet was born and what we are going to become (but this is something that you will discover in the future here on our blog pages).

We also had some friends visiting us during this Anniversary day: we would like to thank especially Pär Olsson (Swedish blogger and photographer) and Michaela Menschel (lifestyle blogger from Germany), that both blogged about their experience at Cal Reiet.

Thank you so much! All of you, who came to the party and for all the beautiful personnel letters we received from those who could not make it.
We are grateful to have so many friends that support us.

As Mahatma Gandhi used to say: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. That’s our aim.
Looking forward to meet and welcome you here, in the meanwhile see you on our next post.