Balance your body, mind and emotions

The Chinese believed the way to longevity, sexual vitality, good health and happiness was to keep our ‘Chi’ (our vital life force energy) flowing and vibrant. As the matter of fact, the ancient Chinese medicine and energy practices, such as acupressure, acupuncture, Tai Chi and Chi Kung, were developed to keep our ‘Chi’ and had been developed as a preventive medicine.

These ancient techniques use the ‘Meridian energy system’: an invisible network of energy lines that run through the body, similar to arteries and veins. When these lines become blocked, they can cause illness and disease in the physical body and emotional and mental fields.

As humans, we are living energy systems that have a vibration. When our vibration is low or weak, our health is affected because the ‘Chi’ life giving energy is sluggish, blocked or has become stale; like when a pipe is blocked, the pressure builds up and it bursts, we get sick or a condition forms in the body. When our Chi is flowing, we are vibrating on a higher level and feel positive and energetic. Our immune system is strong and we enjoy a better quality of life.

Many things in our internal and external environment can affect our energy field and lower, block or interfere with our ‘Chi’ flow, such as negative thoughts and beliefs, pollutants, stress, chemicals, pesticides etc… These can all have a damaging impact on our immune system, emotions and behaviour patterns. In addition they also upset the body’s hormone balance and deplete the brain chemicals required for feelings of happiness.

Meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Kung are simple and gentle practices that can support us in daily life. They help to:
– move stale and sluggish Chi out the energy field,
– improve our emotional wellbeing,
– increase physical strength and stamina and
– promote a more positive mind set.

You can experience all of this, with a simple Tai-Chi exercise explained below by Zari Ferns, our inhouse holistic therapist ( Zari is available to all our guests offering advise and support within holistic wellbeing. She offers a free 20-minute consultation that can then be followed up with recommended treatments and practices during your stay here at Cal Reiet.

Below is the technique she advises you to try:
-> Stand up on your two feet at the same distance of your shoulder.
-> With the inhale, hold your arms about 12 inches from the body, palms facing inwards.
-> As you stand, knees slightly bent, breathe the vibrant life energy deep into abdomen to the Tantien (2 fingers below the navel) imagine it flowing into all the cells, fibers and bones of your body.
-> On the exhale imagine a white light extending out into through your fingers into the space around your body, creating a ball of energy in between your palms and body.
Repeat this 9 times.
Then store this energy back into your body, in a gentle rubbing or patting motion.

Take the time to try and use this simple technique. You will feel your level of energy lifting up everyday more and more. You will feel in balance and you will experience a general and strong feeling of wellbeing.
This is what you can also experience here in Cal Reiet. Take the opportunity to join Zari and Maribel during our Holistic Detox Retreat next month on May 7th –12th 2016 to balance your body, mind and emotions.

During this retreat you will experience not only the power of re-energizing through Tai Chi, but you will discover that also food has the power to improve your Chi, your energy.

At this time of the year when Spring is in the air, our dear friend Maribel, naturopath and holistic wellbeing therapist ( explains that “Green is the colour of spring and by emphasizing the use of green vegetables in our food it can help us detoxify and revitalize our bodies”. The green colour in the vegetables is due to the presence of chlorophyll and in some cases also glucosinolates.

According to the teachings of energy cooking, green is the colour of spring.
If we eat according to the season, we assist our bodies in harmonizing with this season and facilitating it to recover energy and as a result we feel more vitalized. Therefore, the aim with the energy cooking during this season and the Holistic Detox Retreat is to activate and purify the body.

Purifying the body through food has even been linked to the reduction of the prevalence of some cancers. In addition, these foods provide few calories and are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibres. Green leaves in particular are high in iron, folic acid and vitamin C, nutrients that strengthen the immune system.

So, more than ever, during this season remember to go really green and practice to keep your Chi balanced!!! ^_^

We hope to see you all on May 7th for the Holistic Detox Retreat with Zari and Maribel. And if you want to stay in touch with us, you can also join in our newsletter and follow us on your favourite Social Media. You will find us in the following places:

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