Energy is everywhere

Believe it or not: energy is everywhere, it is what we are made of.
Ancient masters, especially in the Eastern but also within the elder shamans, knew it well.
And nowadays, it has also been proven by several scientists that we radiate energy and, actually, that we are made of energy.

Dr. Masaru Emoto showed it to the world through his research on how the water reacts to different word stimulus. He brought pure water and placed it in three different containers: he took the first one and froze it as it was, without saying anything to that water.

Then he took the second container and started cursing at it, saying bad/heavy words to it: stimulating it with fear, sadness, anger… after that he froze the water.

Then he took the third container stimulating it with good words, blessing it with love, gratitude, joy… and after that he froze it.

At that point he had three containers with the same water that had been stimulated in three different ways. Analyzing the water from each container through a microscope he discovered that each container of water had developed different molecular structures due to the stimulation that it had received.

The first water container, which received no stimuli had a good structure, the ‘blessed’ water structure was made of perfectly designed crystals, while the ‘cursed’ water had formed broken crystals.

As us humans are mainly made up of water, these special studies by Dr. Emoto clearly shows that we can be influenced by what we say to ourselves and to other people and also by what we hear and listen to.

Have a look at this video to see the different water crystals photographed by Dr. Emoto.

We can really influence our bodies, and subsequently our lives through our words (and thoughts). That is why it is so important to be aware, to be conscious of what we are doing, of what we are thinking, and what we say to others and ourselves. Staying in the ‘Here and Now’ is important for this reason: it helps us to be aware of our thoughts and words.

There is another doctor that has been studying cell behavior in different habitats. Dr. Bruce Lipton proved how naturally our cells are attracted by things that give them nourishment, and escape from things that may hurt them or cause destruction. It is their natural instinct.

So, if we would truly listen to our natural instincts we could possibly avoid stressful and/or negative situations, knowing that those are ‘destructive’ for us, and that way stay away from situations that may hurt us, and may cause illness and self-destruction.

The following link is a short video where Dr. Lipton presents his study.

These two studies are just two examples of how science nowadays can prove that we are made of energy and that we can influence our lives using kind words and staying in loving and positive situations (at least trying to).

Now that you are aware of it (if you were not already), you may want to train yourself (just like you would in the gym) to listen carefully to the words you use with yourself and others and try to create a kind loving environment around you.

And on that note please feel free to share this post with your friends and family with the anticipation of creating that supportive loving environment around you.

Until next week and next post,