A kitchen garden: what a great experience!

Yes, we did it!
This year we have started our kitchen garden!

As you may know, we serve vegetarian and organic food giving our guests the opportunity to experience a healthy and aware holiday and retreat.
The idea to have our own kitchen garden was already in our mind from the beginning.
Having our own production of vegetables, fruits and aromatic plants is something that makes us really happy and proud. And it is so exciting to see our produce grow more and more every day.

We are not self-sufficient yet but we are able to offer our guests lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, basil… in our breakfast, snacks and dinners. Products that are more than 0-km.

At Cal Reiet we would like to be the example that we can be the change we want to see in the world and our small kitchen garden helps us to go on in that direction.

Our philosophy and our choice is to act and work holistically: we know that as living organisms we are more than the mere sum of elementary particles and that we are all connected on this earth. Each and every single choice, each and every single thing we do, affect the world and life of all the others.

We decided to be 100% organic also because the use of pesticides or other chemical is not healthy for the people and for the environment… and we have discovered that we are not alone here in our countryside and that there are ‘others’ that are interested in our vegetables. Yes, we met lots of new friends that love our production ^_^ (animals and insects that find our vegetables really appetizing). And this became the opportunity to learn new (old/ancient) methods to keep our production safe from the ‘attacs’ of these wild friends.

A kitchen garden is also a place where you can experience the abundance of nature, a place that makes you feel grateful for what the earth give to you because you have its fruits and its generosity day by day in your hands. Have you ever experienced this feeling?

And it is also a way to take care of your soul: in every gesture, in the waiting, in the astonishment that follow the attending of a kitchen garden you’ll find the deep ancestral connection between human beings and nature, it’s a return to the origins, a link renewed with mother nature.

And it is also a moment of meditation: taking care of it helps you to let go all the tensions of your daily life and all the worries, it relax you and helps you to be more creative and positive. And above all, you have to BE there while taking care of it, in each movement and act you make.

It is like entering a parallel world where silence, peace, wellness and calm rein. And all this caring also felt in our food.

We wait for you to come and taste our produce, and.. maybe want to have the chance to take care of it…
In the meanwhile, think about having your own one… It is really a great experience!
See you on our next post.