Wish you were here

Today it is March 15th and in 5 days we will be opening for the new season here at Cal Reiet.
We are all very excited about it!

As you may imagine, the opening time of a hotel is a busy time. There are so many little details to keep in mind and every part of the puzzle needs to fit together to ensure the overall picture is achieved. It requires time and energy to get everything ready and prepared for the big day.

Last year was our first year, and the opening in July was an exiting moment: Cal Reiet ‘project’ finally became Cal Reiet ‘reality’!
Since then we have learnt a lot, we are growing and changing to continuously improve. Another magic moment and a new adventure is now starting: season 2016 has arrived!

If you close your eyes, you could imagine to be here in Cal Reiet right now, walking through the hotel and the gardens connecting with us for a moment, seeing us getting everything prepared: all of us here are doing our best to ensure you will have the best experience ever, whether on holiday or on a retreat.

Our gardeners and maintenance team are working hard to allow the amazing beauty of Cal Reiet’s garden to swipe you off your feet and give you a wonderful place to connect with nature.

Anna and Aurora, the girls that take care of the cleaning and housekeeping in Cal Reiet, have already been working for weeks to get everything clean and in order. We feel this is very important as when you stay in a place that is clean and ordered, your life will also reflect more easily this clean and order.

Diego and Rafel, our wonderful chefs, are putting together new menus that will give you energy and help revitalize your body: they take care of our beautiful breakfast buffet and of the three course dinner that is served when you come back from a day on the beach or from your hike around the island (or any other excursion you may have chosen for the day).
Maria, our kitchen assistant, is helping Diego and Rafel to set up the kitchen and all the tools, making sure everything will be spotless and running smoothly on the day of the opening.

Daisy and Miguel, our loving receptionists, are managing all the bookings and different requests for this season: as you know, we operate both as a boutique hotel focused on wellbeing and as a holistic retreat. By the way, have you already seen the retreat schedule for this season? CLICK HERE to find out the up-coming retreats in Cal Reiet.

Serena, that takes care of our blog and social media, is working on preparing our monthly newsletter, our Facebook and Instagram posts and the topics for our blog to keep you informed on what happens here at Cal Reiet, and to give you tips on nutrition, wellbeing and personal growth.

Christian and Nuria, our cheerful waiters, are working to get the bar and dining area around the pool ready: from ordering the cups for herbal teas and coffees to polishing the glasses for our fresh made smoothies and juices. They will be happy to meet you in the pool bar or in the kitchen where you will enjoy your breakfast and the porch where you can enjoy a selection of carefully selected wines and artisanal beers from Mallorca.

Our massage and treatment therapists are all eagerly waiting for the day of opening to spoil you with nice massages and beauty treatments. The yoga shala is ready to welcome you every morning for a yoga class, and should you wish to have a private class of yoga or Tai Chi Chi Kung we will of course be happy to arrange that too. Energetically we are ready to let you live a unique experience.

Last but not least, we also have Johanna and Johanna, our awesome hotel managers, that are dealing and managing with the coordination of everything and everybody: from the events (retreats, weddings, birthdays…), management of the team and the planning of the next steps of our reality, to the PR contacts and contents and the everyday life situations that arise here in Cal Reiet.

Everyone of us has put our personal touch to this wonderful space: even if you don’t know us yet, if you connect with us, you will be able to feel our energies and how we are feeling and moving through this experience. You may be able to perceive our magic moments of euphoria as well as our turmoil when we try too hard to stay in control… because it happens, even if we know that pretending to stay in total control doesn’t help at all!

You may also feel our curiosity to discover what you, our guests, will bring and how willing and eager we are to welcome you in our warm and loving family full of positive energy.

Only 5 days… and we will be opening our doors.

You just keep imagining us while you are preparing to come and visit us.
And, till that moment, stay in touch through these pages: see you next Tuesday with a new post.