Welcome to Cal Reiet Blog

Welcome to Cal Reiet’s blog!

This is our new blog, with which we hope to connect and share with you different topics on holistic wellbeing and everyday life at Cal Reiet.

Whether you are planning a visit or if you have already been to Cal Reiet, here you will find a variety of things: we will share ideas and suggest tools that you can use for your personal and spiritual growth.
We will post news, events and happenings in Cal Reiet and you will find articles on practices, techniques and tips to live a healthy and happy life filled with love, abundance and gratitude (which is the essence of our daily life in Cal Reiet).

Through the pages of this blog you will also get to know our philosophy, and the experience that we would like to share with our guests. You will get to know the team, the heart and soul of Cal Reiet so that when you come to stay with us, you will already be part of the family.

Many people come here for a wonderful holiday in a wonderful place, and while this is a given… we can really say that there is much more to it.

We guess that, at least once in a lifetime, you experienced going to a place and feel that it has something special. You didn’t know what it was, but you felt it. You had the feeling that it was not only because it was a very nice place or because every detail was taken care. You knew it was more than that. You experienced it, didn’t you?

And we guess that, at least once in a lifetime, you experienced meeting a person and feel that you have already met him/her somewhere or somehow. You felt like if this person had something familiar, something that resonated with you, something that made you feel good. You experienced it, didn’t you?
We believe there is a reason for all these experiences.

We are more than what we see: we are made of energy, or even better said, we ARE energy and, as so, we recognize the energy that is all around us.

People are energy, places are energy, as well as things, trees, stones are energy.
Of course it is something that we cannot see with our physical eyes, but we can perceive it, feel it strongly inside us.

In Cal Reiet this feeling is very important and that is the reason why we do not only take care of the physical environment, but we also care for the energetic part.

And so, the same thing will happen here in our blog: we will write a new post and every post will be a new chance for you to get to know us better and, at the same time, for us to get to know you better through your comments and likes.

We can’t wait to start this new blog adventure with you.
Looking forward to meeting you next Tuesday again with a fresh new blog post.