domingo, 13th septiembre from 18:00 to 19:30

InnerDance is not ‘’dance’’ as we typically know it. It is a healing modality assisting us into a state of heightened awareness where deep understanding can be accessed to awakening our innate power to heal from within. It is a transformative self-awakening process that helps us peel off the layers of our conditioned mental limitations. We can get to witness stories, old patterns, misled beliefs and stuck emotions we hold within our body.

The process slowly reveals our true essence, and our primary reason for existing on the planet. It is this remembrance of our deepest essence that ultimately leads us to evolve and to embrace a more balanced way of life.

Everyone’s experience is different and could be visual, physical, energetic, downloads of messages, clarity, release, cathartic or blissful. It begins with lying down on the mat and the body might remain still the entire process or move and surrender to the energy. Your task is simply to surrender to the innate wisdom of the body and allow for whatever release wants to happen. Come along – it is a truly transformative journey.



Simona Siclari
Price: 30 €

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