Myoreflex Therapy

The Myoreflex Therapy is a manual regulation therapy. The treatment takes place on the muscular (myos) system of the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, it accesses and aids all bodily functions and organs.

After functional and palpation discovery, pressure is applied to specific reflex points of the musculature system to stimulate change. This is forwarded to the brain and from there, the voltage pattern of the respective musculature is regulated.

When the muscular and movement patterns change and regulate, symptoms can disappear. When joints and soft tissue structures are relieved, chronic, degenerative issues can be stopped and healthfully regenerate.

This therapy work from various modalities: anatomy, orthopedics, neurobiochemistry, physics, biokinematics…and it is particularly suitable for a variety of disorders like herniated discs, chronic pain, scoliosis, functional hypertension, asthma, migraines, dizziness and more.

Consulting: 15 min ⎜30 €
Myoreflex Therapy Treatment: 45 min ⎜125 €

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: 125 €
Duration: None | Price: 0 €

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