Tok Sen – Therapeutic Percussion Massage

Tok Sen is an ancient healing practice of Lanna tradition originating in the north of Thailand. It is a non-invasive and deeply relaxing vibration therapy. With the use of specially shaped wooden tools I use a rhythmic tapping along the meridians and the energy lines of the body, which creates a deep bodily vibration that may not be possible to attain using traditional massage techniques. These profound vibrations resonate through the body, stimulating from within the potent ability to release and clear fascial congestion. Tok Sen helps to loosen stuck fascia, release muscle tension, and is effective in providing relief from over work and stress. The rhythmic tapping sounds assists in calming the mind and bring about a deep state of relaxation. Calming for the central nervous system, this session will leave you vibrant and relaxed from the core level and out.

Duration: 75 minutes | Price: 170 €
Duration: None | Price: 0 €

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