Cal Reiet’s Garden

At Cal Reiet the holistic principle is taken into account in every aspect. From the first breath you take in Cal Reiet’s garden you can anticipate the dedication and the loving energy all around.

To step through the gates of Cal Reiet means to enter into another world with its consequent invitation to open your mind and heart to new encounters and experiences. Cal Reiet is an oasis for healing, peace, health, strength, spirituality, well-being and benevolence. A place which unfolds the good things in life.

Son Muda Gardens has the wonderful task to bring the holistic approach to the outdoors and to ensure, that the connection between the inside and the outside is maintained and consolidated further.

Inside is outside and outside is inside… this is how we live holistically here in the South. A principle that enables Cal Reiet’s visitors to experience how the personal boundaries start to move on a subtle level. An experience that touches the soul and many times is realised mentally only afterwards.

The large palm trees keep the connection between Sky and Earth.  They remind us to be well-rooted if we want to have a strong ground on which to base our personal growth. The varying green shades through the whole garden, provide a sensation for Freshness, Health and Hope. The flowers we encounter depending on the time of year are showing the beauty of nature and also point us at the same time the transitory. Fragrance and joy are accompanying the walk. Playful solitude and tranquillity with lively bird songs. An inviting space to meditate.

With lots of enthusiasm and passion, we are working in this garden. Happy to be part of such a special place, fully immersed in its glory.

Come and have a stroll in Cal Reiet’s garden!

Hélène Alice Lindgens

Son Muda Gardens