why juicing?

That was my first question to Joe Cross when I met him at Cal Reiet, why juicing?

Joe Cross is the filmmaker behind the very famous “Fat, sick and nearly dead” which has been viewed by over 20 million people!

Almost a decade ago, Joe decided to switch all his diet of processed food and take away, to food made by Mother Nature.
He was 150 kg, sick, taking medication every day and started to think -what causes the body to become so fat? -what is the point where extra fat becomes excessive? -what is the logic to this?
He turned to his juicer, and started juicing. The first 60 days of his struggle and life changing experience are all documented in his first movie, and it is quite impressive.

Today Joe is more in touch to his feelings, and his energy.
-I often ask myself, what do I feel like eating? How do I feel?
It´s not healthy to be a slave to food, you need to find the recipe that works for you, and what makes you feel good
The best part of my health these days, is that I am all off the medication he says, I don´t need it anymore.

The world has definitely changed how it looks at food, compared to 10 years ago. Eating clean, and keeping a healthy lifestyle have more focus than ever. Also for the benefits to the environment, water, our nature and animals, social media has great impact. Channels like Netflix have several documentaries like “What the health” “Cowspiracy” “Forks over Knives” “The Cove” “Vegucated” and Joes story “Fat, sick and nearly dead”, they all get thousands of new views every single day. It brings awareness and education about our daily nutrition, and the world is responding, but there is still a long way to go.
-We know that the cruelty to animals is a clean cut case, no discussion. We know that the environment is better off, if the whole world was vegan.
But going vegan might not be for everyone. But still, going 90% and eating more plants and fruits, is way much better than doing nothing. Both for you as an individual and for our beautiful planet.

-What is really interesting to me, is eating smaller amounts and Time Restricted Feeding (TRF). And I am still juicing, and rebooting.
Joe is not fully vegan, these days he eats everything, if he feels like eating it. He is more focused on amounts, time span and how the food is going to make him feel.

Joe has visited the island one time before, but it is his first time at Cal Reiet and the east side of Mallorca.

So I had to ask him: -Are you enjoying your stay at holistic retreat Cal Reiet?
-I don´t know what Cal Reiet means, I don´t speak Spanish, but if I can take a guess I would say it means “self love”. This is a place you come to, to give self love. You come here to give self love. It would be good to come here with your partner, but also equally as good, and maybe in some takes, better to come alone. To spend time.
To come to Cal Reiet for yoga, meditation, healthy food and maybe also give yourself a digital detox, which is something I think is really important. To disconnect so you can connect with yourself.

Do you feel inspired to do a juice detox?
Look into our Retreat schedule for 2018, we are planning to host Joe the Juicer at Cal Reiet 29th May – 14th of June 2018.
For more information www.calreiet.com

One last advice from Joe, before you start jucing:
-If you are going on a juice detox, say for 12 days, set your mind at 24 days. First 12 days, only juice. Next 12 days is for your brain and body to have time to connect with food again. Give yourself the time to find your way back to a healthy balance. Otherwise you get that “freedom feeling” after 12 days and you will, trust me, have a harder time on finding balance back to normal life and eating.