KATONAH Yoga Retreat
with Reni Bickel & Aylin Karadayi

From 28/04/2024 to 03/05/2024

Join Reni Bickel and Aylin Karadayi for a five day Yoga retreat at the beautiful Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat in Mallorca.
Reni and Aylin are Katonah Yoga teachers based in Zurich. They have taught and hosted a myriad of Katonah Yoga trainings in Switzerland and abroad.
Reni has conducted many Yoga retreats with her former brand Floatlovers and Aylin owns a Yoga Boutique Studio in the heart of Zurich. They are both truly committed to the Katonah Yoga material that they teach and promote a sense of community wherever they go.
Expect to dive into the depth that Katonah Yoga has to offer.
We will practice Asana and Pranayama, study the theory that lies at the base of Katonah Yoga in a playful way and offer tons of time to unwind and enjoy the essence of Mallorca.

Katonah Yoga is a syncretic Hatha Yoga practice that has been developed by Nevine Michaan in New York and pulls from Daoist philosophy, sacred geometry and beautiful metaphors to proliferate strong Asana alignment, potent adjustments and psychological insights.


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