Embrace Life - Interdisciplinary Retreat
Esther Seibt

From 05/10/2024 to 11/10/2024

What if you could go on a retreat and enjoy the entire process — the in, the down, the through and the up again.
What if you could gain maximum insights, with minimal discomfort?
What if the power of meditation, becomes the power of mastering yourself on a daily base, no matter the circumstances surrounding you.
What if you could just feel well taken care of, in a serene and architecturally stunning space, loosing track of time and track of the spiraling mind, being provided with the most amazing local and vegetarian food choices you may have ever seen.
What if it didn’t matter if you were a beginner, an advanced, or a master yogi yourself, because the teachings work for all and are designed to enter where you honestly are, not where you think you have to be, to make it work.
What if the Yin and the Yang energies in you, will find clarity and elevating inner work, integral physical attention and guided emotional release.

What if all this was possible in just 7 days, on the classic island of Mallorca, near the small village Santanyi, in the midst of an invigorating Indian summer.
Imagine the golden light by day and the harvest moon by night, open fields and natural stones, dusty colors and warm hearted smiles, rich holistic foods and a blue shimmering pool right outside your calming private room with en-suite bathrooms.
Nearby the gloomy ocean side, and the option to retreat from it all, to contemplate and elevate what was, is, and shall be your life again.

Join us and embrace life once again on all levels of the self. Spiritually, emotionally and physically. Sat Nam

— Daily Yoga Sessions, Meditation, Coaching Sessions as stated in the outline (open to changes due tu weather or unforeseen incidences).
— 6 Nights in a shared or single room depend on booked category
— two extended meals a day, plus a rich smoothie (tailor-made on the spot Brunch Buffet, changing daily & three course dinner) (option to add more for extra charge)
— Tea and infused Water throughout the entire day
— 1 Hike/ SwimDay with Picknick
— 1 Massage


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