Kundalini yoga-retreat
Lila Cristine Lutz

From 24/02/2024 to 01/03/2024

Lila is a leading Kundalini Yoga, Stress Relief Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher and therapist based in Copenhagen. She also offers relaxation and sound therapy as well as mindfulness with healing. She holds urban retreats in Copenhagen and weekend retreats in nature in Denmark and leads longer yoga trips to India and Brazil.
At Cal Reiet Lila’s yoga instruction will focus on stress relief and joy. She will be combining soft Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Meditation, Yin Yoga and Aromatherapy to enable you to connect deeper within your body, mind and soul to an awareness of gratitude and love. Kundalini Yoga uses a lot of breathwork and moving with the breath,
Lila guides it in a gentle dynamic way to relax and uplift your soul.


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