Temple Yoga
Mai Pham

From 17/03/2023 to 21/03/2023

Yoga and Hiking Retreat in Mallorca

Join us for this remarkable 5-day yoga and hiking retreat in one of the most beautiful parts of Mallorca, with idyllic hiking spots, gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, limestone mountains, beautiful pine-covered cliffs and much more.

You’ll nourish body and mind with yoga, Saunagus (aromatherapy in sauna) and healthy and refreshing vegetarian food. On this yoga adventure, you’ll learn how to breathe properly, practicing more mindful yoga with the right breathing techniques. You’ll discover more about yin and yang, traditional Chinese medicine (TMC) and other useful concepts for daily well-being.

Soft Hatha, Slow Flow & Yin Yoga
Pamper both body and mind with a variety of yogas, including Soft Hatha, Slow Flow and meditative Yin. Beginners can definitely join these yoga classes. All yoga sessions are designed to stimulate and support hips and lower back and increase your well being, both during and after hiking. Yin yoga, the asanas (positions) are conducted at a gentle pace, so you can immerse yourself and find inner peace. Focus will be on your breath while you meditate into in the stretches. Each pose is held for roughly 3-6 minutes. Yin yoga targets the connective tissues and improves flexibility in a sustainable way.

Mai Pham, your yoga teacher Mai from Denmark is a certified yoga instructor with yoga training from Yogacharya Swami Rama, India. She is a Yin yoga instructor, having trained with both Sarah Powers and Victor Chng. Mai also has a master's degree in Reiki healing. With 30 years of experience and more than 5,000 teaching hours on the yoga mat, shares her fascination with yoga and what you can achieve with it, mentally, physically and spiritually. Mai is the owner of Temple Yoga, which has held 14-16 retreats a year since 2015.

**in Danish**



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