Summer Yoga Academy
Petra Bensland, Veronica An, Stuart Clark, Martin Cordoba

From 25/06/2022 to 31/08/2022

After a very successful SUMMER YOGA ACADEMY in 2021, we have again invited a team of skilful yoga teachers into our sanctuary. With their different backgrounds, they will share a powerful practice with you in a joyful atmosphere.

Four amazing teachers and therapists will guide and share their practice with our retreat guests, visitors and yogis from the island this summer. We will dedicate the practice to one of the following healing qualities: grounding, focusing, presence, vitality, effortless, relaxation, totality & compassion.

Class prices:
Cal Reiet’s in-house guests: free
External guests: 25€/yoga class or sound bath, 30€/connected breath work

Make your time with us even more fulfilling, by combining it with Cal Reiet’s Table. Special offer:
Yoga class + healthy breakfast: 50€


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